Mongabay Reports: Earth Defenders Toolkit strengthens Indigenous voices (podcast)

The Earth Defenders Toolkit is a collection of apps that support local autonomy of Indigenous lands, giving communities ownership of critical data and reducing the need for outside support. 

The toolkit, which includes mapping apps like ‘Mapeo,’ keep the needs of Indigenous communities at the forefront, overcoming barriers inherent to technology, like participation and security. 

This episode features the popular article, “Sharing solutions: How a digital toolkit is strengthening Indigenous voices,” by Caitlin Looby:

Photo Credit: Members of the land patrol from the Kofan community of Sinangoé, Ecuador, test Mapeo Mobile as part of the design process. Image courtesy of Digital Democracy.

Caitlin Looby is the 2021 Sue Palminteri WildTech Reporting Fellow, which honors the memory of Mongabay Wildtech editor Sue Palminteri by providing opportunities for students to gain experience in conservation technology and writing. You can support this program here.

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