Interested in participating in a regularly held Earth Defenders community call? Let us know!

Since the launch of the Earth Defenders Toolkit, a number of people have suggested that it would be nice to have a space for us to regularly share about work being done across the globe. We have our forum, but folks are also interested in having a regularly scheduled phone call, where we could have space to discuss ideas, ask questions, and co-work on solutions. These could be set with an agenda in advance if there is a need or interest, or they could function as an unstructured “office hours” space for open dialogue.

Would this be of interest to you? If so, please fill out this form to let us know more about your interests, time zones, and language preferences:

Once we’ve heard a bit of feedback on what will work for different people across the globe, we will start to organize a first call sometime in the coming months. Stay tuned!