Deploy offline

Earth Defenders Toolkit Offline

The reality of many communities is that Internet connectivity is unreliable, or non existent. For that reason Earth Defenders Toolkit can be deployed to computers on the ground so that all content can live offline, in a local network, and can be synced whenever the device goes online.

A computer running EDT offline creates a hotspot, where community members in wifi range can download and install applications listed at the Earths Defender’s Kit platform such as Mapeo and Terrastories, explore guides and use cases in different languages, and also access extra assets to facilitate onboarding of tools.

On the local network community members also have access to applications for storing their content locally, as well as sharing or syncing it, locally or through the Internet.

Bellow you can try a demo application of what the services are like in the local network, and acessed through the hotspot. Usernames are "demo" and passwords are "demo1234".


This is still beta software and in active development. We're currently collecting early feedback on the usability of the Earth Defenders Toolkit Offline.

Getting started

To get support get in touch with us and we’ll run you through an inquiry to best guide on choosing the appropriate hardware for the needs of your community.

Write to us at or go through our inquiry form which can help us rapidly find out more about your needs.

Please refer to our documentation to get started deploying Earth Defenders Toolkit to your computer without our accompaniment. But please get in touch in case you get stuck, find any bugs or have feedback on how to improve.

For help with common technical issues, see the section of the Earth Defenders Toolkit Offline guide. For additional support, please check out the community of active users and maintainers of EDT on our public Discord, Telegram group and online forum.