Financial Support

Directly support Earth Defender Communities

Earth defenders play a vital role in safeguarding the environment from activities that harm ecosystems, wildlife, and natural resources. These defenders often work in challenging conditions with very limited resources, facing opposition from powerful interests.

Contributing financially to Earth defenders empowers local communities to take action enabling them to access essential resources, mobilize support, and create lasting change from the ground up.

The Earth Defenders Toolkit community has setup an Open Collective to help raise money for specific projects and resources requested by Earth Defenders communities that are apart of the Earth Defenders Toolkit network.

Current funding priorities

Five Laptops for the Wampis

Goal: Five mid-range laptops or $3000US

Nayap from the Wampis Nation is trying to get five laptops for the Sharian community school. The laptops will be used to support the community field work and teach digital literarcy to students. Consider either making a donation to the collective or get in contact with us to donate a laptop.

Nation: Wampis

Contact: Nayap

Financial Support for the Caru Guardians of the Forest

Goal: $5000US

The Caru Guardiões da Floresta (Guardians of the forest) are a voluntary group of indigenous warriors defending 172,000 hectares of Amazon forest in one of most high risk areas of deforestation and agribusiness because of its location. Claudio is looking to raise $5000 to go towards the building costs of an outpost along their borderline.

Nation: Caru

Contact: Claudio