EDToolkit Seed bank ?: Successful technologies build upon a foundation of existing practices and problem-solving

It is often said that technology is not a panacea or a solution in and of itself, yet very often earth defender projects focus strongly on the implementation of one or several tools. Our partners report back that these projects tend to fail to make much of an impact, and the tools largely go unused after training workshops have taken place. This underscores the importance of recognizing that technologies can only be successful if they are integrated into a broader process, with human relationships and practices at the center.

  • These tools are usually a brick in a much larger house ?: what is the ecology of support surrounding a technology project? What are the foundational conditions that should be in place for a project to thrive? (I.e. local buy-in, legal frameworks, financial support) 
  • Some of the most successful earth defender projects involving a new technology are ones in which an individual or a group of people were already trying to take action, and the technology can help them achieve their goals or diminish any obstacles in a more effective or decisive way.
  • The scope of all that goes into earth defense work is much larger than any tool. It also includes walking and talking, cooking good food ? and sharing meals, storytelling, and a good sense of humor. Without trust, there is no “next action.”

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