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Kakawa: The offline Earth Defenders Toolkit device

For many of our grassroots partners, often Indigenous communities living in close relationship with the ecosystems of their ancestral territories, accessing the the Earth Defenders Toolkit (EDT) platform has been a challenge due to a lack of internet connectivity. To address this challenge, we created Kakawa, an offline version of the EDT, drawing on our […]

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Explore Terrastories! Local stories for a wider public

Communities around the world have been using Terrastories as a digital tool to document stories in video or audio forms while connecting them to places on a map. These efforts are often linked to deep, local, and internal community processes such as those of language revitalization, archiving, and land defense. Explore Terrastories, a freshly released […]

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[Video] What is the Earth Defenders Toolkit?

At a time when threats to Indigenous Peoples and their territories are increasing, creating spaces where they can share their stories, skills, and experiences is a powerful response and act of solidarity. This was the intention behind Earth Defenders Toolkit (EDT): a platform and network to support, articulate, and amplify the work of frontline environmental defenders across […]

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