Earth Defenders Toolkit now available in Khmer, Swahili, Thai and Vietnamese ?️


Habari njema! 


Tin tốt!

The Earth Defenders Toolkit has been translated into Khmer, Swahili, Thai, and Vietnamese, in its entirety. All of the content that has been published to date is now available in these four languages, in addition to English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French.

EDT Toolfinder in the Khmer language.

We are hopeful that this translation work will benefit earth defender communities in Southeast Asia and East Africa.

In addition to these, we welcome translation into any other language as well! If you are interested in translating some of the content of the Earth Defenders Toolkit into a different language, visit our CrowdIn page.

Our thanks go out to Benson Tyla, Choen Krainara, Kalyan San, and Phạm Khánh Ly for their superb translation work.