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    The Earth Defenders Toolkit will ensure that frontline communities have access to open-source, accessible tools that amplify local voices and strengthen community-led legal and media-based advocacy. The Earth Defenders Toolkit will provide training materials, based on tried and tested approaches to using technology in a way that supports local autonomy and ownership over data, and avoids creating dependencies on outside support.

    • Document & understand rapid changes & threats to territory
    • Create maps to communicate history & connection to land
    • Document human rights & environmental abuses
    • Reinforce local voices with concrete evidence

    The Earth Defenders Toolkit is a collaborative space for local community organizations and their allies and partners to share the tools and approaches that have worked for them and to learn from others. It is stewarded by Digital Democracy and co-created by Amazon Frontlines, Forest Peoples Programme, Amazon Conservation Team and Open Development Initiative.


    Digital Democracy
    Amazon Frontlines
    Forest Peoples Programme
    Amazon Conservation Team
    Open Development Initiative
    Indigenous Mapping Workshop
    Global Forest Watch
    Hypercore Protocol
    Native Land Digital
    All Eyes on the Amazon
    If Not Us Then Who?
    Tech Matters
    Patrick J. McGovern Foundation
    One Earth

    Acknowledgment: Earth Defenders Toolkit is being built in solidarity, consultation, and co-creation with Indigenous and marginalized communities in Latin America, Asia, and Sub-Saharan African at every point of the way. We are deeply grateful to our partners who are working to achieve transformative change, and help us understand how we can best serve their needs.